Mens Get Fit Memory foam Lightweight Fitness Cushioned Athletic Sneakers

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MEMORY FOAM: Designed with high density triple layer memory foam providing support for the sole and arch of the foot. The foam responds to body heat, providing relief and preventing rubs and pressure. Memory foam slippers conform immediately to your foot shape, providing structural support to your foot.

UPPERS: Designed with enginerred textile materials to ensure maximium circulation allowing your feet to breath.

CLOSURE: Quick tie laces run through the hoops to ensure the trainers are securly fastened with a pull tab on the back to assist with putting the trainers on and off.

DURABLE & ANTI-SKID RUBBER SOLE: Quality solid molded EVA sole which is waterproof and has an anti-slip design with a deep tread providing protection against all outdoor conditions experienced during autumn and winter. The traction provided with these tainers will help you navigate through the winter months with confidence through thick snow, heavy rain and even ice.